The Wilds of Little Forest Fanny Leela Landress



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The Wilds of Little Forest Fanny  by  Leela Landress

The Wilds of Little Forest Fanny by Leela Landress
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Over misty green mountains in a place where the wind is soft and smells of earth and leaves there is a magnificent redwood tree. Now, redwood trees can grow to be as wide as a house and measure hundreds of feet into the sky. This particular specimen towers above the rest of the forest and has a view of the sea.

It has giant fanning leaves and knobby rust-colored bark, but what makes it different from all the other trees in the forest is its little blue door with the number five nailed on slightly crooked.A dozen windows of various shapes and sizes, twinkling with yellow candlelight, run up the trunk and a small brass bell with a red string hangs by the portal so visitors can announce their arrival. You might ask who could live in such a wonderful abode, with its smart blue door and view of the deep sea and I will tell you. It is the house of Little Forest Fanny.

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