My Sword Is Quick Louis Latzer

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194 pages


My Sword Is Quick  by  Louis Latzer

My Sword Is Quick by Louis Latzer
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Hammar Brettinsson, a young northern barbarian, has a vision of the Khem-matti goddess Vushta who tells him that only he can travel south to save the daughter, her current avatar on earth. Arriving in Hama with a caravan, Hammar is nearly sold as a gladiatorial slave. He takes refuge in the temple of Skolas, the god of learning, where he is taught to speak, read and write the four major languages of the world.Hammar discovers that he has an aptitude for crime solving and develops a friendship with the commander of the City Watch.

Investigating the separate, horrific murders of a High Priestess and a High Priest, they meet Princess Annisset of Khem-maat, avatar of Vushta. She and Hammar are immediately attracted to each other, but Annissets behavior shifts from torrid to frigid erratically.Annisset is kidnapped and Hammar goes undercover among Hamas criminal classes, only to finally discover that she has been taken by a group of religious fanatics.

It takes all of Hammars intuitive skills to figure out where the death gods adherents plan to sacrifice her to their god. His daring rescue attempt leaves him face-to-face with Death himself. And they still have to face the ultimate mastermind of the High Priest murders.My Sword is Quick combines fantasy adventure with detective fiction, adding a humorous twist and a dash of sex, resulting in something out of the ordinary.

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