The Watergate Crisis Michael A. Genovese

ISBN: 9780313298783

Published: September 30th 1999


240 pages


The Watergate Crisis  by  Michael A. Genovese

The Watergate Crisis by Michael A. Genovese
September 30th 1999 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 240 pages | ISBN: 9780313298783 | 8.34 Mb

The Watergate crisis marked the beginning of the age of cynicism in America. This readable and insightful account examines what happened in Watergate, who was involved, what it meant then, and what it means now. By analyzing the overall impact of Watergate on events that followed, this work will help students and other interested readers to better understand todays politics.

In addition to a narrative overview and a series of topical essays about Watergate, this guide provides a timeline of events, biographical sketches of the key players, the text of important primary documents, a glossary of terms, and an annotated bibliography.Watergate refers to a series of crimes and abuses of power including obstruction of justice, conspiracy, criminal coverup, perjury, and destruction of evidence.

As a result of the Watergate crisis, the press became more intrusive and personal, the public became more cynical and apathetic toward government, executive-congressional relations became soured and divisive, and partisan clashes became more bitter.

Genovese, a noted presidential scholar, discusses Nixons political personality, addresses the question of whether any president is above the law, and offers a contemporary view of presidential corruption in historical perspective, which is valuable in light of the Clinton impeachment hearings. This readable analysis and ready-reference guide provides valuable resources for students.

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